Das war ja sowas von nötig - LEGO® Creator Expert 10251 – Brick Bank

  • Hallo

    Soeben hab ich die ersten Bilder dess nächstjährigen Modular Gebäudes gesehen. Und [lexicon]TLG[/lexicon] ist doch tatsächlich eine Ueberraschung gelungen. Nach den Delikatessladengerüchten hat uns [lexicon]TLG[/lexicon] eines besseren belehrt.
    Und was wird es nun, ganz einfach, eine Bank !!! Und was für eine noch dazu !!!

    LEGO Creator Expert 10251 - Brick Bank by THE BRICK TIME Team, auf Flickr

    LEGO Creator Expert 10251 - Brick Bank by THE BRICK TIME Team, auf Flickr

    Ich kann mich nicht entscheiden welches Detail oder Bautechniken die beste ist.
    Und als besonderer Gag ist dann auch noch eine Wäscherei im gleichen Gebäude, man kann also hier auch ohne Probleme (Geld) Waschen.

    LEGO Creator Expert 10251 - Brick Bank by THE BRICK TIME Team, auf Flickr

    Ok diese Gebäude muss ich haben, unbedingt :P .


  • Confidential Page 1
    10251 Brick Bank
    Ages 16+.
    US $169.99 - [lexicon]CA[/lexicon] $219.99 - DE 149.99€ - UK £119.99 -
    DK 1399.00 DKK
    *Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit shop
    .LEGO.com for regional pricing.
    Make a safe deposit at the Brick Bank!
    Make a secure deposit at the highly respected Brick
    Bank, featuring an array of intricate details and
    hidden surprises. Easy-to-remove building sections
    provide access to the detailed interior, comprising
    bank with an atrium foyer, tiled floor, arched wind
    ows, ornate chandelier, lockable vault and a
    transaction counter with security glass; a laundrom
    at with printed window, tiled floor and 4 laundry
    machines; plus 2 second-floor offices with an array
    of detailed furniture, fixtures and accessories. T
    exterior of the building features a detailed sidewa
    lk and an elaborate façade with carving and statue

    cor, decorative roofline, large arched windows, cen
    tral balcony, clock and an accessible roof terrace
    featuring a large skylight.
    • Includes 5 minifigures: a bank manager, secretary
    , teller, and a [lexicon]mom[/lexicon] and child.
    • The Brick Bank features a bank, secretary’s offic
    e, bank manager’s office, laundromat and a detailed
    façade and sidewalk.
    • Bank features an atrium foyer with wide, arched e
    ntrance, triangular-patterned floor tiling, ornate
    chandelier, oxidized-copper colored skylight, trans
    action counter with hidden alarm buttons and
    security glass, and a bank vault with safe deposit
    boxes and a large round door.
    • Laundromat features a printed window, tiled floor
    and 4 laundry machines.
    • Secretary’s office features a wall clock, desk, t
    ypewriter, cabinet with opening drawers, fireplace
    an espresso machine.
    • Bank manager’s office features a large desk with
    banker’s lamp and approval [lexicon]stamp[/lexicon], leather-look
    chair, printed portrait, statue and a cabinet.

    Confidential Page 2
    • Accessory elements include a mug, document, camer
    a, candy, blank white paper, chrome-golden
    coins, 1 chrome- golden bar and banknotes.
    • Remove the building sections to access the detail
    ed interior.
    • Unlock the bank vault to access the safe deposit
    • Visit the laundromat for a spot of laundering.
    • Stack coins with the coin counting machine.
    • Special elements include a printed prize check, p
    rinted ground-floor windows, a special printed
    portrait in the bank manager’s office, plus rare, s
    and-blue and dark-green bricks, and sand-green
    window frames.
    • Collect and build an entire town with the LEGO® C
    reator Expert Modular Building series 10243 Parisia
    Restaurant and 10246 Detective’s Office.
    • Brick Bank measures over 10” (26cm) high, 10” (25
    cm) wide and 10” (25cm) deep.
    Available for sale directly through LEGO
    LEGO® Stores or via phone:
    US Contact Center 1-800-453-4652
    [lexicon]CA[/lexicon] (English) Contact Center 1-800-453-4652
    [lexicon]CA[/lexicon] (French) Contact Center 1-877-518-5346
    European Contact Center 00-800-5346-1111
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