Event Report

Q1 : Event Name

Q2 : Event Start Date (DD/MM/YYYY)

Q3 : Event End Date (DD/MM/YYYYY)

Q4 : How many hours are open to the public during the event ?

Q5 : Number of participating Recognized Community Members (members helping out and making the event hapen as staff, exhibitors, helpers etc.) Please include all Recognized Community Members part of the Event as only the driving/hosting Recognized Community files a report on the Event.

Q6 : Number of Visitors 'Kids' Aged 0-12 (if no exact numbers, please provide an estimate)

Q7 : Number of Visitors 'Teens & Adults' Aged 13+ (if no exact numbers, please provide an estimate)

Q8 :

Q9 : If Entrance Fee was collected, please specify the price (Format PRICE CURRENCY GROUP for example 5 EUR KIDS, 10 EUR ADULTS)

Q10 : Social Medial Link #1

Q11 : Social Medial Link #2

Q12 : Social Medial Link #3

Q13 : Social Medial Link #4

Q14 : Social Medial Link #5

Q15 : Event Hashtags (#something) - if applicable
Q16 : LEGO Office Involvement - Was the Local LEGO Office involved in the Event by visiting, providing assets or similar ?
Other (please specify)

Q17 : Any final comments you wish for the Community Team to be aware of in regard to this Event ?