13-foot LDD Super Star Destroyer

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    superstarFirstly I am usually not one to talk about LDD MOC’s but sometimes there is an exception to the rule and this is one of those times. I am trying to talk myself into purchasing the UCS Super Star Destroyer but it is so damn expensive and last night I was on Eurobricks and member Fox Hound has completed his incredible Super Star Destroyer LDD design. The model measures 13-feet long and contains 71,000 pieces. This is just so awesome it takes my breath away and best bit is he is going to be selling the file. Now just to find space for this beauty in my small terraced house! It took him around 1,000 hours and if built would weigh 100 Kg. She fits on TWO LDD files (35,000 pieces each) but will fit completely in Ldraw (MLCAD). He reckons it would cost close to $25,000 to build and is planning on selling the files for around $35. So would anyone tackle this amazing build? Here are some images you can see the rest over on MOCPages:

  • Salut LLL

    Ok das ist ja wahrlich ein dicker Brocken, 70000 Steine ist schon eine Menge, und ein geschätztes Gewicht von 100 Kg ist auch nicht von schlechten Eltern. Allerdings ist es bisher nur ein virtuelles Modell. Bei meinem PC würde LDD wohl abstürzen mit sovielen Teilen. Ab 1000 Teile wird LDD bei mir schon elendig langsam.

    Ich bin mal gespannt ob das Modell dann auch mal Wirklichkeit wird.


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