is an official RLUG ! (Recognized LEGO User Group)

Traditionally, LEGO User Groups (LUGs) are groups and communities of LEGO enthusiasts who meet regularly to share and interact with other LEGO fans. Think of them as a kind of LEGO club.

Recognized LUGs (RLUGs) are those that have been officially recognized by LEGO and are part of the LEGO Ambassador Network, which offers all kinds of benefits, such as a RLUG Ambassador who represents them within the network and also qualifies for LEGO support, activity packages, LUGBULK and participation in special projects.

As RLUG, one of the main advantages is that we communicate directly with LEGO and get support for LEGO projects / events / actions.

In return, there are some restrictions that we have as official RLUG, such as the fact that it is not allowed to share leaked images or set news before release.


Event - Public exhibition with visitors


Competitions / Sweepstakes (Contest/Raffle)

Community Meetup

Project (Project)

Charity Activities (Charity Activity)

Online Publication (Online Publication)

Public Show (Public Display)

The question arises of how adults organize their LEGO Fans (AFOL) community in a hobby that is often seen by the public as "mere child's play".

We try to explain briefly here, in line with the fan community model presented by the AFOL Commitment Team in Billund, Denmark.

Most of us meet our first organized fan community in the form of a LEGO User Group (LUG). At this point, a group of LEGO fans from a specific geographical region gather to discuss, share, exhibit and other group activities around the LEGO brick system. This is the traditional LEGO fan community and one that most AFOLs identify with.

As geographical boundaries blur with the existence of the Internet and instant communication in this generation, another LEGO fan community has emerged, called LEGO Online Communities (LOC). This is true for fans who gather in an online space, not a geographical space, to discuss and collaborate on most things, as traditional LUGs do. Think of hobby forums, Facebook pages, community pages.

The last group of LEGO fans are fan media, which according to TLG are: "Sales outlets such as physical or online magazines, blogs, YouTube channels that focus on LEGO history, LEGO product reviews, LEGO news and produce articles that focus on the LEGO brand".

Since 2008, the LEGO Group (TLG) has been actively involved in providing these fan communities with appropriate support through its recognition program. Any fan community can apply for recognition as long as it meets the requirements set by the LEGO Group. There are currently three categories of recognised fan communities in the LEGO Fan Community Recognition Program established by the LEGO Group.

RLUG (Recognized LEGO User Group).

RLOC (Recognized LEGO Online Community). E.g. Eurobricks, Rebrickable and Brickipedia

RLFM (Recognized LEGO Fan Media). The Brothers Brick and Brickset belong to the most important RFLMs.

Each recognized community must appoint an ambassador to actively participate in the Lego Ambassador Network Forums. This RLUG Ambassador will also act as a point of contact between the recognized fan community represented and the AFOL Engagement representatives of the LEGO Group and other RLUG Ambassadors.

Have you ever wondered which fan community is recognized by LEGO?

They have created a great resource to dive deep into all of the world's recognized LEGO fan communities in the form of a clickable and zoomable world map.

However, there are many fan communities that personally choose not to be recognized for a variety of reasons. Basically, we all have one thing in common: our love for LEGO bricks.