General questions
To stimulate individual adult fan of LEGO (AFOL) building activities by providing the ability to purchase loose LEGO elements in bulk via a recognized LEGO User Group (RLUG).
  • Each participating AFOL must be a minimum age of 18 years old.
  • Support in any capacity is offered solely for the personal use of AFOLs; discounted and/or free of charge items are under no circumstances to be resold
  • All support received from this program cannot be given or sold to the general public
  • Only one individual from the RLUG may access the online ordering platform and submit the order
  • Orders that have been submitted via “checkout” on the online ordering platform cannot be edited in any capacity. Please do not inqui re about post-order alterations
  • Once your order is received by the LEGO Community Team your online ordering account will be locked so re-entry into the platform will not be possible
  • CONFIDENTIALITY – Individual LEGO element prices viewable in the online ordering platform are confidential and should be restricted to AFOLs who are participating in the program
  • Individual RLUGs who cannot spend the minimum amount required are allowed to partner with one or more additional RLUGs to reach the required threshold
  • This is to be estimated prior to sign-up and the joined RLUGs are to send in one sign-up stating the partnership and which RLUGs are involved in it.
  • Partnering with another RLUG cannot be done later than during the sign-up process. Failure to reach the minimum requirements post sign-up will result in order termination.
  • There will be no additional or adjusted rules to the “LEGO Element Rules” section
Sign-up process
  • Sign-ups must be received prior to December 1st of the previous calendar year
  • Review and response to the request may take up to fourteen (14) business days
  • The program manager will follow up with the RLUG regarding the decision of the request
  • If accepted, the LUG Ambassador will be informed and login credentials will be provided either to the LUG Ambassador or, if specified, a designated point of contact
    • This person is responsible for processing the entire orderr
LEGO element rules
Each participating RLUG is allowed to order a maximum of 85 different LEGO elements.
Individual LEGO elements can only be ordered in minimum quantities of fifty (50) and then in incremental steps of +25.